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My screening process is simple but strictly enforced. Please do not ask to be the exception. I understand that the screening process can sometimes seem a bit intimidating. I pride myself on the level of complete discretion that I provide. Whether this means that when traveling we must never be seen together, or that dinner dates require we are nestled away somewhere private, you can be assured that my lips are forever sealed. You can see the lengths I go to in order to protect you and your privacy below. It should go without saying that I am exceptionally well adept at blending in, and you will never be concerned that my public behavior or attire will be anything less than perfectly appropriate.





1. You may provide me with your full, legal name, your employment information and    a listed number. You should email me from your work email address, or be willing to email me from that address after your initial email. Employment information may be sent to a separate, discreet email address if you desire. Please inquire about this option in your initial email.


2.  Alternatively. you may provide me with the name, website and email address of 2-3 references who you have seen recently,and who can vouch for your gentlemanly behavior!


1.  Your employment verification information is erased promptly after our first meeting. I ask only for the necessary information needed to verify your identity and to guarantee my safety. Employment information may be sent to a separate, discreet email address if you desire, please ask for this option in your initial email.


2. I understand that discretion is often imperative, which is why I hide my face in photographs on this website. In protecting myself, I am also protecting you, and our friendship.

3.  Should you have extreme privacy concerns and in certain circumstances, I will happily sign a non disclosure agreement.

 4. Because of my passion for travel, I do utilize an assistant to help me provide a timely response to your emails and to assist in the screening process. Whenever possible, I will be the one to respond to your emails. To read more about my assistant and my reasons for hiring her, please read the Blog entry, Meet My Assistant, Sandi.


Lastly, just as I use absolute discretion to protect you, I ask that you do the same for me. Should you find out any intimate details regarding my life, please keep them as our little secret. Mutual discretion and respect are of the utmost importance!

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