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Let's talk the importance of deposits. Deposits are no longer the exception to the rule. They are the rule. They show me that you are serious and that you are committed. When I schedule our date, there are several things I must do to ensure that we can meet. In many instances, that means clearing my calendar and turning down other meetings, time spent with friends and family and _________________. I'm a busy woman! But, I excitedly accept your booking. While it maybe shouldn't be the case, paying a deposit means that our date becomes more important to me. Because you have likely taken the same steps as I have to ensure that our date comes to fruition. I require deposits for all clients, even those who are old friends. 

Cancellations week havoc on my schedule, and also on my bottom line. I like you, we have fun together and I enjoy your company but I turned down a trip to Paris for you...

You might think- but I know I'm not going to cancel! I'm taking this seriously! And while that's likely true and YOU know you're committed, I unfortunately do not and also unfortunately, have had to deal with cancellations in the past.

But, deposits compromise my anonymity! They leave a paper trail! Also, untrue. I require an Amazon gift card, which can be purchased at any CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens/Duane Reade etc. Amounts of 500 usually require an ID. My deposit amount of 250 does not. You can take a screen shot and send those numbers to me. Once provided- your appt is confirmed and voila! Easy as cake!

You must provide your deposit within 24-48 hours of booking. Sandi will let you know how long you have.

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