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                I'VE GOT ANSWERS!

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

Do you take outfit requests? No, I don't. I dress according to my mood. That being said, I get many compliments on my style. My style is feminine and classic and I enjoy finding interesting, rare and one of a kind pieces on my travels.

Why do you have an assistant? I brought Sandi onboard after months of consideration and weighing of pros and cons. I worried that I would lose that special connection I consider so essential to the type of experience I've always prided myself on providing. At the same time, I knew that my desire to travel and explore the world was being hindered by administrative work i.e. initial screening, reference checks and emails that could be answered without my personal touch. My adventures as EG have allowed me to start some new projects and focus on growth in my personal life, and in order to pursue those endeavors, I really needed to move some things off of my plate and to start delegating. 

I'm Leonardo DiCaprio, do I really need to screen?

What are you biggest pet peeves?


What is your biggest aspiration? To start my own third wives club in Greenwich CT, or Beverly Hills


What do you like to do in your spare time? I’m a busy bee! I love to travel, domestically and internationally, and spend time with my dog, friends and family. I’m currently learning how to golf and working on becoming a better skier (I don’t love the cold, so it’s tricky feat!) I also love horseback riding, I’m an experienced Western rider and am currently working on my English riding skills.

As a Lady of Leisure I enjoy hedonistic pursuits. I spend too much time at spas and Turkish baths and

This may surprise you after all that you’ve read, but I also love the outdoors, hiking, fly fishing, kayaking/canoeing. I’m especially partial to long days spent exploring the outdoors followed by late afternoons watching the sun set from our

I really enjoying reading and learning about evolutionary psychology

What would be your ideal date? It’s a difficult question because I have such varied interests, but I really enjoy dining out and sporting events.


Can I buy you a gift? Never required, but always appreciated, you can find a list of things that i’m currently lusting after here. 

I’m a difficult person to shop for because I know exactly what I like, which is why I try to provide as much guidance as possible.

I do not give discounts, and I do not give off the clock time.

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