I am not fond of being hidden away in hotels or residences, no matter how grand they may be. I must be off exploring, adventuring and getting into a little trouble. (Besides, you won't want to hide this pretty face!) Dates over two hours must include time outside the boudoir. Specific privacy concerns? We'll talk. Otherwise, you must wine me and dine me, lest I become a hangry monster! Not sure what to do or where to go? Just ask!

At my discretion I may require a nominal deposit which may be made discreetly and without a paper trail. Deposits are non refundable. Same day cancellations will result in a 100% cancellation fee without exception.

As of 2022 I do not have a dedicated incall, however I will happily arrange one for us if requested. 

I'm not able to accommodate same day or next day appointments although whenever possible, I do try to accommodate my Inner Circle. In 2022, my availability is more limited than ever, in true catch me if you can fashion. 


In a bid for added discretion for my suitors and myself, you'll find that several pages on my website require a password, namely the "Peek" and "Calendar" pages. In order to access those pages you must be screened or be someone who I have seen at any point in the past. You may also notice that I have removed much of my web presence. I am not currently actively advertising. Again, this stems from a desire to move towards a more UTR (under the radar) existence. I've made an effort to pepper this site with recent, discreet photos and am happy to provide the password once you have been screened.


All travel rates are bespoke, but begin at 10,000 for twenty four hours. Travel expenses must be paid in full at the time of booking along with a 50% deposit. The remaining fee is due at the beginning of our time together. I require First or Business class fare, so that I have room to stretch my long legs and can arrive on location, relaxed, rested and ready to explore. 

I encourage all types of itineraries, including adventure and relaxation travel, business trip travel among others. I am also happy to plan trip itineraries once a deposit has been placed.


I'm occasionally asked why I have an assistant. I brought Sandi onboard after months of consideration and weighing of pros and cons. I worried that I would lose that special connection I consider so essential to the type of experience I've always prided myself on providing. At the same time, I was being inundated with administrative work i.e. initial screening, reference checks and emails that could be answered without my personal touch. My adventures as EG have allowed me to start new projects and focus on growth in my personal life, and in order to pursue those endeavors, I really needed to move some things off of my plate. 

I think you'll find Sandi to be a help more than a hindrance in planning our rendezvous. Treat her with the utmost respect- she is my eyes and ears and the keeper of the gate. 


Wondering what I get up to in my spare time? The truth is, pre-COVID my life was much different and while I'm excited to re-incorporate some of those activities, I'm also taking a more intentional approach to life. Here are the cliff-notes updates: I still love to travel, domestically and internationally, (COVID policy dependent) and spend time with my dog, friends and family. I’ve given up on golf, but am still working on becoming a better skier. I've doubled down on horseback riding and it's become a large part of my life. The hedonistic pursuits have continued.  I've done a lot of hiking, fly fishing, kayaking/canoeing these past two years. I tried and failed at making sourdough bread and switched to something easier and equally delicious. And while I haven't been reading quite as much, I still enjoy learning about evolutionary and cultural psychology.