Screening is always required, with no exceptions. I follow strict screening protocols for my safety as well as the safety of my Inner Circle. It is in my best interest to handle your information with the utmost care. My ability to continue in this world relies heavily on my reputation. It is part of my job to collect and secure your information, to discard it once we have met and to take your discretion and my own very seriously. And that's why they pay me the big bucks.

Let's Get Screening Out of the Way 

Please include your full and legal name. 

Please include your listed phone number. No burner phones or Google Voice numbers please. (No one will call you without your express permission.)

Please provide the names, email addresses and websites of 2-3 current references (this means within the past year). A reference isn't your mother, your college professor or your golf buddies. It's an established and reputable provider who is able to tell me what an absolute gentleman you are!

If you don't have references.., Please request to be screened through employment verification. My assistant, Sandi or I will walk you through this  option. A discreet unpublished email address is available - simply ask.



Remember interrogative pronouns?

 i.e. who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how

Contacting me is pretty simple if you use them.


Who are you?

This is not meant to prompt some sort of existential crisis. I legitimately just want to know your full name. You may want to include a couple small tidbits about who you are, what you like to do, or something about you that is interesting or memorable. Woo me.


What are you looking for? 

Again, no need to get all deep. I just want to know- are you looking for someone you can meet with on a regular basis for dinner dates? Are you really into sporting events and searching for the perfect plus one?


When would you like to meet? 

e.g. Are you available for 6 Hours on Friday from 4pm-10pm?


Where would you like to meet? 

e.g. I was thinking we could meet in London, at the Such and Such Hotel.


Why would you like to meet? 

Give me some insight. I travel a lot for work and would love some company. Or, I'm tired of traveling all by myself. (Please note that suggestive, or vulgar emails will be deleted without response.)


How will you make this date happen?

Not always needed but sometimes useful.

e.g. I'll arrange a hotel and book dinner for us. Or, I'll be in town for 3 days.

Seems it's now or never...
Why don't you slide into my inbox.

 You've done your research, you know  what you're getting yourself into and that we're going to get along just swimmingly (you've also assured yourself that you can handle a bad joke here or there and you probably have your own sort of quirky humor)

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